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1. How to Select REITRON Automation Equipment?

First, login into REITRON website, and search out “Products”; Secondly, click the related column according to the industry of users, and choose the required products.

2. Working Principle of Quantitative Packing Machine

Automatic Quantitative Packing Machine is a weighing control system that automatically divides a large amount of granular or powder materials into small portions at preset weight in accordance with programs and modes designed in advance.

Materials will enter the weighing hopper that will transmit gravity to sensor under the effect of gravity and make sensor elastomer deformed to attach on strainometer bridge circuit on the elastic strain beam, then the strainometer bridge circuit out of balance will output voltage signals in proportion of weight numbers, the signals are amplified by a linear amplifier, and converted into digital signals by A/D, after processed by CPU of instrument the weight signal will display weight data directly. The weight digital signal will be compared with setup parameters and outputted in the form of switch signals that are transmitted into programmable logic controller (PLC), through program control, switch signals will be converted into PLC switch signals for output, then the switch signals will control all executive components of all electric appliance to give mechanical motions such as quick feed, fine feed, feed stop and material discharge from weighing hopper.

3. FAQs
Inactive Scales
(1) RUN contact of PLC disconnected
(2) No input problems (PLC), including
a. No weighing range (zero, coarse addition, fine addition, quantitative, etc)
b. Alarms having in instrument (zero, or alarms for out of tolerance and correction, etc.)
c. Missing setup parameters in instrument
d. Missing or wrong PLC program, drop-dead halt
(3) Others

Non-execution of Cylinder
(1) Check whether this is voltage across solenoid valve or not, whether the valve is damaged or deadlocked
(2) Check whether the instrument is active.
(3) Check running conditions of programs and instrument
(4) Check whether there is input/output or not in motion of PLC, or change PLC input/output points if having, and rewrite PLC programs.

3.3 Unsteady Weighing
(1) Setup parameters of instrument changed   ┐
(2) Correction parameter of instrument changed ├ Re-input the data
(3) A part of parameters lost          ┘
(4) Problems happening in machine
(5) Time parameters in PLC changed
(6) Others

Unstable Instrument Display
(1) Number of divisions is too large
(2) Weighing hopper gets wind
(3) Scales is swinging.
(4) Problems having in instrument

Failed Zero Returning of Instrument (After Material is Emptied)
(1) Having materials on the weighing hopper (clear it away and correct the scales again)
(2) There is a too large temperature excursion in temperature, needing to correct it again
(3) There is something wrong in fixation of sensor
(4) There are some mistakes in junction box or circuits

Should observe problems carefully to analyze reasons, and then start to correct it.

4. Operation Instructions Download
4.1 RPN/G Series Quantitative Packing Machine Operation Instructions
4.2 F701C Weighing Instrument Operation Instructions
4.3 Quantitative Packing Machine Parts List
(1) Duplex Packing Machine Scales
(2) Weighing hopper
(3) Cylinder box feeding part
4.4 Data on Robot Stacking System

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