Changzhou Reitron Automatic Equipment Factory is a hi-tech enterprise involved in manufacturing automatic weighing apparatuses focusing on automatic quantitative packing weigher. The factory integrates product design, production, distribution, installation

Our technicians gain much by analyzing a series of products of foreign companies, such as Webster Griffin, LIBRA, Moller Werks, VELOX, HAVER and Windmoller&Holscher of Germany, Chronos Richardson, Richard Simon of Britain, BEMIS of America and NEWLONG YAMATO,KAMACHO,NAGASAKI KIKI of Japan. Moreover, we again and again visit, investigate and research domestic users who import advanced foreign products to deeply know about the advantages and disadvantages of products of large foreign factories and realize the requirement and adaptability of domestic users for products. Through the efforts for more than 10 years, we finally design our mature product which not only shows the sophisticated technology of the time but also well adapts to national conditions to form our own style. The proof exists in that it becomes the model copied by other factories.

The factory has a group of professional engineering technicians

The factory has a group of professional engineering technicians who engage in full electronic automatic weighing apparatus and relative equipment for many years and accumulate professional technique in electronic weighing apparatus, industrial automatic control, micro-electronics, computer, mechanical design & manufacture, etc.. The factory has a strong ability in product design and development because it has extensively absorbed and introduced a series of advanced foreign technology and material that provide good nourishment for the systematic design and mature manufacture of products. Trough efforts of the entire staff, we has produced more than 1,000 sets of automatic weighing apparatuses which are extensively applied to many fields like chemical industry and port and take the lead among factories in the industry.

Since 2008, with the industrial upgrading of domestic enterprises

Since 2008, with the domestic enterprise of industrial upgrading, to finished product packaging automation demand is higher and higher, at the same time, domestic labor costs and greatly increased the cost of human resources management, our company takes the lead in the chemical fertilizer industry has introduced the advanced robot palletizing system, greatly improving the production efficiency and economic benefits, such as the field of domestic leading enterprises - urn f (group) co., LTD., yunnan yun the international chemical co., LTD. Fu rui branch, etc.
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