Chemical fertilizer plant of sinopec jinling petrochemical company
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Chemical fertilizer plant of sinopec jinling petrochemical company

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This plant is 13 sets of imported large fertilizer plants in China, with a design capacity of 300,000 t/a synthetic ammonia and 520,000 t/a urea, and the actual production capacity is up to 670,000 t/a urea.

This factory packing machine is the earliest import French machinery said, altogether 6 packing lines. In August 2001, it was completed by our factory. And by the nanjing bureau of technical supervision a verification test qualified.

The average weight is 40.01~40.03kg, and the speed is over 20 packs per minute.

The factory has 6 packing lines with independent control room for system management.

The ageing of electrical appliances in the factory's packaging building (which has been in use for more than 20 years) often leads to complete line shutdowns. In September, 2003, when the whole factory stopped production, the electrical appliances and control system of the packaging building were completely reformed by our factory. Starting from the raw material harrow in the bulk warehouse, it is transported to the packaging building via trestle of more than 3000 meters, and packaged by 6 packaging lines. The finished products are sent out by six separate lines. 1. Shipment; 2. The land transportation. The whole system adopts advanced configuration technology, touch screen field operation control, management data through Ethernet and three ERP system online, achieve automatic management. The whole system includes bulk transportation, packaging and bag transportation.

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