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Changzhou rongchuang automation equipment co., LTD. (rongchuang automation equipment co., LTD. (enterprise code :839078), with years of practical application experience in automatic control technology, robot handling and stacking system, automatic loading system and storage management system, has launched the "REITRON Power Store" intelligent storage system.




Intelligent, automatic, visual, humanized mode, easy to operate, flexible and compatible system, promote enterprises to achieve reliable and practical Internet of things.

"REITRON Power Store" storage system, mainly for the port storage warehouse, enterprise production process and production process of warehouse management, outbound, automation of loading and unloading car service, to realize the automation and intelligent storage system, improve the warehouse the goods storage density, loading and unloading efficiency maximization, has a high density of goods storage and throughput, improving the capacity of inventory.

Implement intelligent and automatic control, realize the connection with ERP system such as SAP;

Low cost, excellent cost performance, provide the lowest equipment and operation cost investment;

Sustainable, with the development of technology, the system is easy to upgrade and update, flexible change of storage technology and mode, to adapt to the changes of user market competition.




The REITRON Power Store system consists of the following major components:

1. WMS warehouse management system;

2. WCS warehouse control system;

3. RFID RFID identification and sorting system;

4, AGV automatic guide car;

5. Main shelf warehouse system (high stacker);

6. Supporting special electronic label hollow blow molding tray and other tooling;

7. Supporting robot unloading, stacking and handling system;

8. Transportation and sorting system and pallet distribution system;

9. Loading system;

Software: supporting humanized and visualized warehousing and discharging software, and standardizing interface data with SAP users and other ERP systems at home and abroad to facilitate system integration.

Delta API full network service, can smoothly integrate into the existing task system;

Warehouse management system, human-machine interface, intelligent automatic control;

Can customize different industry process and production process system;

Code code system for handheld and stationary readout of radio frequency identification (RFID);

Intelligent fault diagnosis and alarm system 





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